“Art is just a one night stand. If more people would come on board with this way of thinking, we could get a lot more out of art and a lot more out of life; but alas, the human creature is sick with this ugly disease that makes it desire meaning, crave meaning, want meaning, need meaning in everything, and this same human creature will gladly go insane giving meaning to meaningless things at every turn at all costs and therefore unhappiness always has and always will plague our species. Yikes! This answer took a somber turn. I need to add some levity‚Ķhave you heard the one about the Platonist and the deconstructionist who walk into a massage parlor?” -Christopher Higgs, the Author (ED: I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ‘AUTHOR’; CURATOR? SEARCH PARTY?) in part 2 of an interview at Porter Square Books

And: Mooney is catching on and circulating midmouth in Dutch.


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